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Severe Vapour by Elite Labs
Severe Vapour is a series of four fruit based E-Liquids, that assurance to give shocking flavour- ideally in an excellent way!

Created and generated in Poland by Elite Labs, the range presently includes four E-Liquids in Twisted Fruits, Grapy Fusion, Crystal Lime and also Melted Mango which are all manufactured in-house from the highest high quality active ingredients.

Extreme Vapour is mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, as well as they are presently available in 20ml, 50ml as well as 100ml no nicotine shortfill bottles, suitable with a nicotine shot of your option.

Twisted Fruits

Delicious green mango adhered to by unique fruits ...

A sour, unripe mango flavour standing for the green mango is the very first flavour that I notice, and also it's quite a revitalizing and also nice modification from a few of the sharp and overly wonderful mango flavours that I have actually tried in the past. It's extremely well balanced, as well as blends in nicely with the various other flavours.

There's likewise an undertone of pineapple and also what tastes like guava, contributing to the unique vibe of the green mango. Flavour shipment I located to be extremely smooth, without any visible throat hit to speak of.

Grapy Fusion

Delicious pleasant and also juicy grape ...

Grapy Fusion is an uncomplicated blast of wonderful grape, with a sour and also very sweet surface to it! Ive discovered that many grape E-Liquids I have actually tried in the past can taste quite sharp and man-made, however not so here- it's a well balanced E-Liquid that delivers smooth and also genuine tasting flavour.

Crystal Lime

Delicious lime complied with by smooth and juicy lemon ...

I half anticipated Crystal Lime to be another Sprite motivated E-Liquid, like several others available with the very same account, however I was left happily shocked by this E-Liquid.

There's a wonderful and zesty lime with a history of crisp lemon, as well as a sour note to finish. Similar to the various other Extreme Vapour E-Liquids, flavour delivery was very smooth without any throat hit to talk of.

Melted Mango

Delicious fresh mango ...

As I've mentioned a lot of times recently, I do like a good mango E-Liquid and I'm constantly delighted when I receive a brand-new one to examine!

Melted Mango is a full flavoured, Mango E-Liquid vape that boasts an authentic taste to it, creating fairly the rejuvenating E-Liquid! This is an E-Liquid I most definitely did take pleasure in vaping, and also one I would happily vape once more in the future!

I couldn't help yet really feel that these E-Liquids had a real 'Malaysian feeling' about them, loaded with a lot of lip smackingly sweet flavour! They are no slouch when it concerns vapour either, with lots of clouds to be located here!

Whereas a whole lot of the Malaysian E-Liquids that I have vaped can be fairly severe on your coils, I found the Extreme Vapour array wasn't as harsh. There was extremely little gunk and also sugar develop even after vaping these intensively!

If you are a follower of extremely sweet and also fruity E-Liquids, that have really extreme flavour profiles to them, after that these will absolutely appeal to your preferences!

Numerous thanks to Elite Labs for sending the Extreme Vapour variety in for testimonial! If you have an interest in acquiring these items or have an interest in wholesale for your vape store after that please contact Elite Labs below - Elite Labs have actually likewise offered 9 sets of the complete array to hand out, to be in with an opportunity of winning then visit this site!

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